Clean Air in 9 Easy Steps!

1. Walk or cycle.
2. Use public transport or carpool.
3. Combine errands for fewer trips.
4. Keep your car and motorcycle well maintained.
5. Avoid idling.
6. Switch off electrical appliances when not in use.
7. Choose cloth or jute bags over plastic.
8. Don’t burn wood or trash.
9. Reduce, reuse and recycle.

Welcome to the Youth Clean Air Network

YCAN or Youth Can is the Youth Clean Air Network for Indian cities, initiated by Clean Air Asia. We are a group of young enthusiast people, working under CAA to achieve solutions for better air quality in Indian cities. Our youth come from different academic backgrounds but work passionately about air quality issues, they believe in finding a solution through different and unique perspective. Our projects focus on exciting and diverse ways of bringing air quality to the mainstream. Whether it is city specific awareness campaigns or discovering technology solutions, our aim is to contribute to cleaner, safer air in Indian cities through discussion, innovation and collaboration.

The young India have 50 percent of the population under the age of 25, and it is important that we engage with youth who can help make positive contributions to critical issues like air pollution. We invite anyone between the age of 15- 32 (according to the definition of youth in agenda 21) with a passion to act for clean air to join us.

The YCAN is currently active in Delhi/ NCR and Gandhinagar and Bhubaneshwar, we envisage to expand it to another 10 Indian cities this year, with the sheer efforts of our young volunteers.

Our Mission

YCAN intensively focuses to contribute to the improved air quality of Indian cities with our youth driven programs. We have the most passionate and hard working group of people who are always interested in seeking innovative solutions, bringing fresh ideas and newer ways of thinking to the air quality conversation in India.


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