Air pollution is a growing concern for almost every city and has become a major issue globally. Poor air quality is associated with a range of adversities. People with existing health problems can be made worse by breathing dirty air. For healthy people, air pollution can make our eyes itchy, throat sore and make it hard to breathe.

For example, there can be times when air quality index may hit 400 marking it as “very poor” condition of air in your city, and the possible health impacts can be the respiratory illness on prolonged exposure. But majority of Indian population is unaware of the fact that the air pollution does not only cause health problems but also, acid rains, can change bodies of water, affect animal life and even eat away at the stone of homes and buildings Being the youth of India, take the responsibility to change the air quality of your city by writing and sharing to us how air quality/ air pollution affects your city. Ask for our solutions, contribute your solutions and help us to spread our youth network to many cities of India.


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